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Hello Mary,
First and foremost, I would like to thank you and your fellow pickleballers for being so welcoming and friendly. I am visiting SSI for a month and planned this trip with great hopes of playing pickleball while on the island. I have not been disappointed. I look forward every morning to joining this wonderful group of folks and getting some much needed exercise and social interaction. It was wonderful to meet so many residents as well as other visitors from all over the world. I am retired an travel full time. I typically will choose places to visit that have active pickleball groups and facilities. I learned about SSI pb through your Facebook page. I have consistently found while traveling, that one of the best ways to get to know and enjoy a community is through playing pickleball. I am able to meet nice people who can make great recommendations for places to see, restaurants, and hidden gems. Honestly, one cannot go wrong with the players at a pickleball court.
I look forward to returning to SSI on future travels. I will certainly share my positive experiences with others to encourage them to visit your beautiful island AND pickleball courts. Your courts and local pb group are top notch.
Susan Tant

A Facebook Posting: (1-26-2022)
I wanted to thank everyone for letting me be a part of your group for a month.
Heading back north tomorrow. You all are an example of what we all know
is true, pickleball people are the best people in the world.
I hope you are successful in getting additional courts. Take care, be safe
                                                                                                                     John Jacobson
This email received from Elaine Varner & Bill Woodford

ill and I would like to express our gratitude for the welcome that we received from you and the other members of St.  Simons Island Pickleball.
We chose St. Simons Island for our vacation because of its new Pickleball facilities and the welcoming message we saw on-line.
We even selected our lodging so that it was a short walk from the courts. We were not disappointed.
The warmth of your members and the competitive nature of the games made for a wonderful experience.
We can't wait to plan our next trip back to the island.
Best Regards, Elaine Varner/Bill Woodford
From Ginny Leith (Germain, WI)

Good day—After a wonderful trip to St. Simons Island, I am back to the reality of the snow and ice of northern Wisconsin. I am writing to thank you for a great vacation in Glynn County, GA. In all, five of my family members visited in March, some staying for the entire month. Two of my group played Pickleball while on the island, enjoying the excellent facilities at Mallory Park most days. In fact, the availability of high quality Pickleball courts, combined with opportunities for excellent open play, made our decision to visit St. Simons an easy one. I wanted to share two observations with you .First, the St. Simons Pickleball Club does an excellent job of —managing play, —providing ample open play opportunities, including advanced, intermediate, and beginner court play, —providing pickleballs to use, and —clean courts (squeegeed or blown clear of debris each morning). In addition, the club officers warmly welcome new visiting players each day and orient them. Overall, you have a gem of a Pickleball situation on the island — with one exception. There were days when I came to play and there were SIXTY other players there as well — all wanting to play on the four available courts. This situation, of course, led to VERY long wait times.  So I encourage you to consider adding more Pickleball courts to your park. Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US, and having a great Pickleball venue on the island definitely leads to St. Simons — and Glynn County — being not only a wonderful place to vacation, but also a great place to live.  Again, my visit to Glynn County was a most positive and memorable experience. I plan to see y’all next year! If you have any questions, please let me know. Virginia (Ginny) Leith715-614-8193PO Box 453St. GermainWI54558
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