2023 Pickleball Rule Changes

Summary of 2023 Pickleball Rule Changes:

Spin Serve: Spinning the service ball prior to hitting it is illegal. Hitting the ball with topspin, sidespin, backspin, or other spin is legal.

Clothing same Color as Ball: Players should avoid wearing clothing that matches the ball color. There is no penalty, but a referee can request you change clothes.

Out Calls: The new rule is that an "out" ball must be called before your opponent hits it. If the call is delayed until after your opponent hits it, the ball is still in play.

Wrong Score Called: In 2022 a wrong score called must wait until the end of the rally to be corrected, otherwise the team stopping play would at fault.

Wrong Score Called: In 2023 you may stop play before the serve is hit to correct the score. If you think the score was called wrong and you stop play and the score called is correct, you are at fault and your opponent wins the rally.

Rally Scoring was proposed and considered but not accepted or passed.

A task force was formed to investigate how to implement such a proposal.

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