First Annual Membership Meeting

Our First Annual Membership Meeting was held on Thursday, December 8, 2022 in Room 108 at the Casino (Library) on St. Simons Island.

President Mary Kline opened the meeting.

The first business item was to elect the 2023 Board members. The current Board of Mary Kline, Murray Pounds, Bill Carmichael, Suzi Hassel and David Neville were re-elected by voice vote as they were the only nominees . The Board will select the officers at the January 2023 meeting. Mary informed the membership that dues for 2023 would remain at $25.00 per year.

The program was then turned over to Treasurer,  Bill Carmichael who presented the 2022 Financial Statement (through November). (copy attached). Bill then presented a review of the pertinent rule changes for 2023. (see 2023 Pickleball Rule Changes under the News tab)

David Neville, Director at Large, then present a power point presentation entitled "How did we get here, What have we done, Where do we go from here". The program took a brief look at the growth of pickleball, how it began on the island, the accomplishments that helped propel its growth and a look at our vision for the future. The report also outlined our efforts to obtain additional courts at Mallery Park.

Mary Kline then conducted a lively open discussion of Q&A and concerns from many members.

The Meeting adjourned with many attendees walking over to Iguanas (an SSI Pickleball Club Sponsor) for a delightful coastal Christmas dinner.

Annual meeting financial presentation (pdf file)

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