Pickle Me Pink Winners


3.5 Men 1st (Middle): John Spruiell --2nd (Right) K. C. Thornton-- 3rd (Left) Patrick Spivey
4.0 Women 1st (2 in center): Irma Mitchell & Jamie McNulty -- 2nd (Left)Charon Sharp & Claudia Theise -- 3rd (Right) Marcia Pierce & Terri Flexer (not pictured)
3.5 Men 1st (center): Paul Stone--2nd (left): Randy Ellis -- 3rd (right) Tom White
3.0 Women 1st (center): Becky Crosby -- 2nd (left): Dawn Lanier -- 3rd (right) Riley Wyatt
2.5 Women 1st(center): Sabina Brock -- 2nd (left): Frances McLean -- 3rd(right): Mary Alice Isele
3.5 Women 1st (center): Cathy Foley -- 2nd (left): Beth Pasakarmis -- 3rd (right) Mary Schellhorn

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